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'African Insights'

After an inspiring teaching experience at the Botanical Gardens in Durban, I had the opportunity to appreciate the South African nature.
Here a few of my favourite images. Find more images in the new travel collection:
South Africa 2017


Adobe Photoshop Lightroom landscape presets and brushes

Landscape workflow from

Over the last years I was able to focus my photography more on landscapes. One of the main countries I have been travelling to is South Africa. Especially in the Drakensberg area and along the Western Cape I found locations where the beauty of pristine nature still exists. Aiming for the best light, the morning and evening light can provide us with a low sun in the sky which creates interesting side lighting. As a result this leads to images with more depth and warmth, especially if there are some interesting clouds present as well. 

What can be sometimes frustrating is that the images our camera delivers often don’t match to that which our eyes could see when we took the photo. Even if all settings were done right, we often find that some of the details like the whites, blacks or color depth are missing. 

I am shooting my images in RAW and post process them with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom since version 3. Over the years Lightroom has grown immensely in its potential to adjust the images and the software provides us with very powerful tools. There are many different alleys one can choose from inside Lightroom and I’ve observed that I intuitively repeat the application of different tools. Basic settings for my landscapes are mostly the adjustment of highlights and shadows, plus I like to give my images a bit more clarity and vibrance with a brush or radial filter, especially to apply some drama to the skies. 

The post processing of images can be quite time consuming. If there are many images to go through, a repetitive workflow with specific presets would be very helpful. Over the last weeks I had a chance to test out the landscape presets „Through The Woods“ from This package contains 80 presets and 42 brushes. They are easy to apply, and after testing them inside Lightroom they’ve enriched my creative approach. One of the presets like the „Shine Into the Sunset“ has quickly turned out into one of my favourites. A "Through the Woods" preset can also be combined with different presets and brushes. Depending if your approach is more conservative or super creative, these presets can give your images a specific note and immensely shorten the time you have to spend behind your computer. 

The sample images below are taken in the Western Cape and Drakensberg area in South Africa. They show the „Before" and „After“ and which presets and brushes were applied. The abbreviation „TtW" indicates the presets and brushes from All images were shot in RAW with the Canon EOS 5d Mark 3, the lens was a Canon EF 17-40mm f/4 USM. 

Image 1 Sunset facing Kamberg

Step 1 TtW Preset Shine Into the Sunset
Step 2 White Clipping +18 
Step 3 Black Clipping +28 
Step 4 TtW Preset 5 Polish - Punch It Up

Sunset facing Kamberg_before Kopie

Sunset facing Kamberg_after

Image 2: Plankiesbaai beach, Postberg Flower Reserve, Western Cape. 
Step 1 TtW Preset Shine Into the Sunset
Step 2 Black Clipping +21 
Step 3 TtW Brush Contrast and Clarity applied to the sky.

Plankiesbaai_before Kopie


Image 3: Table Mountain and the Twelve Apostles, Western Cape
Step 1 TtW Preset Shine Into the Sunset
Step 2 White Clipping +21
Step 3 Black Clipping +22
Step 4 TtW Preset Exposure-More-Highlights 
Step 5 Dehaze Amount +25 
Step 6 Crop Rectangle 
Step 7 Clarity +17 

Table Moutain from Lion's Hill_before

Table Moutain from Lion's Hill_after

Image 4: Fort Nottingham, Midlands, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa 
Step 1 TtW Preset Exposure Brighten Shadows 
Step 2 TtW Preset Shine Into The Sunset 
Step 3 Shadows -20
Step 4 Crop Rectangle 
Step 5 TtW Add Brush Stroke Subtle Clarity 

Fort Nottingham_before Kopie

Fort Nottingham_after

Image 5:  Blouberg Strand, Western Cape
Step 1 TtW Preset Dawn Rising 
Step 2 TtW Polish - Punch It Up
Step 3 TtW Exposure - Brighten Shadows 
Step 4 TtW Add Brush Stroke Basics - Contrast and Clarity
Step 5 Clarity +27
Step 6 TtW Preset Tone/Tint - Color Pop
Step 7 TtW Add Brush Stroke - Light - Golden Sun



Follow these links to find the applied landscape presets and brushes online: